Tuesday, November 28, 2017

NH Deputation for General Convention 2018

Our New Hampshire deputation has held two meetings so far. Our organizing meeting was May 9th. At our November 29 meeting, we discussed Convention logistics, travel arrangements and reimbursements, Provincial Synod, proposing resolutions, communicating with the diocese, and other matters. And we posed for our group photo!

We expect committee assignments, for those who receive them, to be announced in coming days.

The draft schedule for can be found here: General Convention 2018 Draft Schedule.

Members our deputation members, elected at  the 2016 Diocesan Convention:

Clerical Order
Deputies: Kate Atkinson, Gail Avery, Kevin Nichols, Sue Poulin
1st Alternate: Richard Davenport
Alternates: Janet Lombardo, Kelly Sundberg Seaman, Jason Wells

Lay Order
Deputies: Sarah Ambrogi, Margaret Porter, Gloria Gallant, Benge Ambrogi
1st Alternate: Marti Hunt
Alternates: Rita Macauslan, Yvonne Jenkins

Bishop: Rob Hirschfeld

Our thanks to Tina Pickering for all her work on housing (we got our first choice of hotel), figuring out reimbursement schedule, and doing preliminary research on airfares from Manchester and Boston.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Next Steps

The flags shown here are for all the nations represented at General Convention. Ours is truly an international church.

Deputies continue to hold their positions until their successors are elected.

Part of our responsibility is to share our experiences and the General Convention outcomes with the diocese that elected us. The NH Deputation will provide a briefing at a September Clergy Day, as well as sharing with our congregations, convocations, and friends around the diocese. There will be an article in the printed diocesan newsletter.

Individual deputies were blogged at their own sites during conventions. Here is one link:

Jason Wells at GC78

And Bishop Rob Hirschfeld also wrote a reflection on what he experienced:

Tending the Vine: Reflections on the 78th General Convention

General Convention is a combination of legislative gathering, family reunion, wide-ranging worship experience, education, inspiration, and so much more. At time it is overwhelming. It also provides precious moments of insight and grace.

The 79th General Convention will take place in Austin, Texas, in the summer of 2018.

New Hampshire Deputies on the Big Screen

The House of Deputies is enormous--seating and tables for nearly 850 elected representatives, as well as a platform with executive officers, officials, staff, technicians, transcribers, and more. Plus seating for alternates and registered guests.

Therefore, large screens hang at the front of the hall so we can see the speakers and text of resolutions and amendments and results of electronic voting.

Members of the New Hampshire deputation took advantages of opportunities to speak!

Bill speaks during debate


Sarah questions procedure
Margaret gives a report from the committee she chaired

Randy give the HOD some excellent advice

Work Hard, but Have Fun!

Fun and frolic are an important--and necessary--part of Convention life. Here are some examples of how our NH Deputation uses humor as self-care.

The ERD Goat Poster--a popular photo op!
St. Francis at the Forward Movement booth
Randy & Lynn at the ERD 75th Anniversary Party
Flipper helps with an electronic vote

Deputy King from New York

Fun with gummy bears during a long debate

666, the Devil's Number, turned up more than once. It freaks out the HoD!

Utah Night

At every General Convention, the host Diocese sponsors an entertainment or activity that represents the culture and community of their location.

The Diocese of Utah invited us to the Mormon Temple grounds and the Tabernacle for a special concert. The heat of the evening meant that we spent very little time exploring the outdoors!

Inside, we first heard a group of drummers, followed by a welcome by Episcopal Bishop Hayashi of Utah, and the head of the Church of Latter-Day Saints. Then we were treated to a multitude of performers: singers, dancers, choirs, instrumentalists, performing as representatives of the region. The concert closed with hymns and patriotic songs.

The Temple, where Mormons marry, off limits to non-Mormons

Another impressive building in the Temple Grounds

The Tabernacle, built in the 1870s

Inside the Tabernacle on Utah Night

Ballet Folkorico performing Mexican dances

Native American performers

Worship at Convention

There is a variety of worship at General Convention, with prayers conducted in many languages--English, Spanish, French, Navajo.

Our worship bulletins were on the Virtual Binder
A deacon from Navajoland preaches

Suffagan Bishop Mary Glasspool presides

Bishops gather to process in for Sunday Eucharist

The one on the right is our bishop

PB Katharine and PHOD Gay Jennings and deacon

Presiding Bishop-Elect Curry preached at the closing Eucharist

Here is the sermon:

Celebrity Sightings and Interactions at the 78th General Convention

You never know who will enter the room or sit down next to you at a General Convention. Here are some--though not all--of our brushes with greatness!

Kate with Bishop Barbara Harris, who is 90 years young.

PB-Elect Michael Curry, Bishop Katharine, her predecessor Bishop Frank Griswold

Louie Crew Clay, Founder of Integrity USA

The President of the House of Deputies hangs out in New Hampshire

Gay wears lots of ribbons--"NO WHINING" is the best!

Becky with Presiding Bishop Katharine

Deputy Porter finds a dog performing friendship ministry

Sarah and Becky and others with PB-Elect Michael Curry

The Rev. Dr. Gregory Straub, past Sec. of Convention, returns to the HoD

Bishop Rob with Bishop Curry, our next Presiding Bishop

Claiming Common Ground: A March Against Gun Violence

On Sunday, June 28, the Bishops United Against Gun Violence sponsored the "Claiming Common Ground" march from the Salt Palace Convention Center to a park several blocks away.

The New Hampshire Deputation participated, wearing our Jonathan Daniels t-shirts.

Marchers assemble beside the Salt Palace

Gay Jennings, President of the House of Deputies

Bishop Sutton of Maryland

Bishop Hayashi of Utah, gunshot victim

New Hampshire on the march
Nearing the park

This sign was seen throughout Convention

At the park, several speakers addressed the crowd

Formerly a police officer, now a clergy person

SLC gunshot victim whose daughter was shot in front of her

Our Bishop listens to powerful testimony

Presiding Bishop-elect Michael Curry, the final speaker

The march was inspiring, the stories shared were eloquent evidence to the destructive and deadly effects of gun violence in our communities. Thanks to Salt Lake City officials (15 permits were required in advance) and to law enforcement for blocking the streets so we could march peacefully through the city, in silent or in singing witness.